Our family is spending most of next academic year (2008-2009) living in Paris. We’re exchanging homes with a Parisian family who will be living in our house in Berkeley. This blog is just to record some of our experiences (with photos) of our time abroad.

And, for those of you keeping score, the banner photo (taken by Michael) isn’t Rue Cuvier. It’s Rue Monge, the large commercial street near our apartement. The red awning between the butcher (very good) and fish monger (excellent) is our favorite boulangerie, Pascal Pinaud (fantastic baguettes).

You can reach us (Michael Korcuska and Shannon Jackson) by commenting on the blog. What could be easier?

We’ve also made a google map with some of the locations featured in this blog:


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  1. Michael
    Thank you so much for the reccomendations on the plane, we enjoyed ourselves a great deal during our stay in Paris, and we had two excellent trades shows as well. Louis Vins was great, we took a small group. I have a reccomendation for you. Fish La Boissonnerie, 69 rue de Seine, it is owned by a friend and customer of ours. The owner is a New Zealander (Drew Harre) who also founded Cosi and has a nice wine shop near the restaurant. Stay in touch.

    • Glad you had a good dinner at Louis Vins, Mike. And we’ve been to Fish, although not since last summer, and we liked it very much. We’ll be sure stop by there soon and say hello to Drew.

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