Joyeaux Anniversaire Daphné!


Daphné et Josephine

Daphne’s 6th birthday was February 7, and we had quite a super-fun time.  She decided she wanted a “Hello Kitty” theme and chose all of your decorations and party favors accordingly.  Monsieur Pinaud of our local boulangerie made a super huge gateau chocolat–with praliné, meringue, mousse au chocolat, and a bunch of other yummy things layered throughout.  He also took great care in fabricating a perfect Hello Kitty figure from “pate amandes;” Daphne spared no time in eating the entire little sculpture.  A dozen children from Montessori Kids came over, including several older girls from Jack’s class who have been very kind to Daphne from the beginning.  Michael trotted out his traveling magic show, which never feels to impress (even Shannon who has seen it repeatedly).  Daphne received many wonderful presents from her friends along with lots of hugs and kisses.

Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty Cake

More pictures from Daphné’s birthday on Flickr.

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