Caffè Minotti

Caffè Minotti

Caffè Minotti

We made a trip to the Musée D’Orsay when Grammy-O was here (that will have another post, I suppose).  There aren’t a lot of good restaurants right near the museum, but our handy Pudlo pointed us to a very nice Italian restuarant on rue Verneuil, Caffè Minotti.

The decor is very sleek, with red and black leather dominating the bar area where we had lunch. We really liked the atmosphere and the kids especially liked the cutlery clock.

The menu is typically Italian, with an emphasis on risotto.  And what risotto it was. I had the shrimp and Shannon had the scallops and they were both heavenly. For dessert, the kids split the panna cotta. It was presented beautifully, with each of the four flavors–Chocolate, Espresso, Earl Grey and Lavendar–getting its own small glass cup. Everyone’s favorite was the Lavendar.  The espresso panna cotta was a bit rich for the kids which was good news for the grownups.

Highly recommended if you’re in the mood for elegant lunch at a reasonable price. Menus at 26 and 32 euros. And right now their website is advertising a special promotion–they’ll send you home with a free bottle of wine of the kind you had with dinner!

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