Erasmus Mundus

Though I have no photos to post, documentation of the fall semester would not be complete without a few words about Erasmus Mundus and the consortium of universities that is graciously hosting me. Working in coordination with several European colleagues in our field, Professor André Helbo of Université Libre de Bruxelles runs an EU-sponsored graduate program “en Etude du Spectacle Vivant” [].  As a visiting scholar in the program, I gave six talks in November and December at partnering universities (mostly in my shaky but improving French, but occasionally in English).  It has been a pleasure getting to meet Nathalie Gauthard and her colleagues at Université de Nice [], Hans-Thies Lehmann at the University of Frankfurt [], and to get to know more about Brussels, André’s work, and the students of Erasmus Mundus.  At Paris 8 with Jean-Marie Pradier [], I was also an examiner on my first French “soutenance,” a public, oral exam for those completing a dissertation.  Raphaelle Doyon’s thesis on Eugenio Barba was excellent as was the opportunity to meet other scholar/examiners whose work I have admired–Piergiorgio Giacchè,  Georges Banu and Monique Banu [,].  My hope is to maintain these new connections after we return to the U.S. and to create some new research opportunities for our students.

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