Celebrating Judy

Both Michael and Wendy were out of town during the same week, and so Judy and I planned a Wednesday night dinner at our apartment.  I went with a Mexican theme, partly as an excuse to make more guacamole for Isaac.  It turned out that this innocuous little dinner was excellently timed; in the middle of the night before (the end of the day in Berkeley), Judy had found out that she had won one of the most prestigious and lucrative honors a humanist can receive, a Mellon Distinguished Achievement award.  She brought over a very fine bottle of wine, and we were thrilled to be able to celebrate with her. If anyone deserves an award like this, it is Judy, whose thinking has fundamentally altered so many important conversations across the humanities and beyond.  The great thing about “Judith Butler” though is that her diva-status doesn’t prevent her from being a real institutional leader at Berkeley, a great contributor at potlucks, or an emergency babysitter who is willing to play Jeu au Cromagnon with your 5 and 7 year-old as you weepily run around the 5th arrondissement searching for your lost keys.

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