Jardin d’Acclimation

On Saturday October 18th we went to the Jardin d’Acclimation in the Bois de Bolgone. This is an old-school amusment park and playground just on the western edge of central Paris. The weather was good and with November (and December and January and February) fast approaching it seemed like a “last chance” to visit an outdoor attraction.

Boy was it fun! And boy was it expensive. Unlike Disney parks which hit you for a seemingly outrageous entrance fee and let you ride for free, the “old school parks” (like Tivoli in Copenhagen) charge relatively little upon entrance but also charge for every ride. This means that if the park isn’t crowded (it wasn’t) the cost of rides can add up pretty quickly because there are no lines to wait in.

Still, there are plenty of free activities, including the “fun house” mirrors and the fantastic playground. And the rides were cool. A couple of small roller coasters that the kids liked (more or less), a river ride that was really great, the “petit train” that took us to the park from the metro and the trotting horses.  The bumper cars were disappointing and the “mirror maze” was confusing enough to scare Daphne (the scream from the interior causing Shannon to rush in and try to find her, which was actually pretty tough). We took some nice picture, if I do say so myself, that I hope you enjoy:

In any case, it was a ton of fun. We’ll probably go back when the weather is warm and we can try La Pataugeoire, a small water park.

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