Well, we’re way behind on blogging. Rather than making excuses or trying to catch up in one fell swoop I thought I’d start where we left off, more or less….

On September 21 we went to the Orangerie in Les Tuileries. The museum there was recently (a few years back) renovated to accommodate Monet’s Les Nymphéas (the famous Water Lilies) in specially-designed oval shaped rooms. There is also and excellent, small collection on the lower floor with many impressionist and a few cubist paintings.

The impressive Water Lilies and the small overall size of the museum makes it a great place to take the kids. You can see everything without exhausting the kids, which is great. To top it off, admission was free that day (I forget why).

One of the highlights for Jack were some tables outside the gift shop where they had models of the building itself. If you looked at one of the models you can see the tables on which the models stand. Jack thought that was really cool (check the gallery). After the museum we wandered in the Tuileries and had a snack at the Italian brasserie which was actually passable. The kids loved the panna cotta.

We split up after that, Shannon taking Daphne to swimming while I started looking for a swim suit for Jack (swimming itself is another blog post).  They had blocked off part of the street for roller blading and there were literally thousands of them. It was shocking, actually, and the photo doesn’t do it justice. You’d need a video camera to give a sense of the volume or, perhaps, a shot from a helicopter might do it.

There is one photo I took that I’m especially proud of. You can see a larger version of it on Flickr.

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