As part of Pia Myrvold’s art opening on Friday (see related post) we were treated to an excellent dinner atAlacazar, a very contemporary restaurant nearby. Unlike anything we’ve yet been to in Paris, walking into Alcazar gives you the feeling you’re in London or New York (or even San Francisco). It’s a big space, with the main restaurant on the ground floor and a loud and too hip bar on the mezzanine.  We ate in le salon privé which is also on the mezzanine, happily separated from the bar by glass doors that controlled the sound. As Shannon said, this is the kind of place that caused restaurant reviewers to add sound ratings to their rating schemes–Alcazar would get 4 bells or a bomb from the SF Chronicle.

Still, if you’re craving that hip, urban, bar-restaurant scene we would recommend Alcazar. We had a fixed menu (there was a group of around 40 people) which is difficult to make interesting and tasty but Alcazar pulled off both. The first course was smoked salmon with creme fraiche and caviar, served on a blini. It was really delicious and (we think) not just because it was 10pm (our usual bedtime!) and we were really hungry. The main course was chicken in a morel mushroom cream sauce served with asparagus. It was perfectly cooked, an accomplishment given that 40 people were served nearly simultaneously, but it did need a little bit of additional salt and pepper to brighten up the flavors of the gravy.

There was a choice for dessert, between a “Frasier” (strawberry cake) and an assortment of pots de creme. We’re sorry (not really) to report that we can only describe the pots de creme. The three small pots of vanilla, chocolate and coffee cream were all excellent as was the tasty Madeline that accompanied them.

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  1. Salut, I see you’re just getting started in Paris and have some ties to Berkeley. I met my husband at Cal and we’ve been living in France for years, most recently just outside of Paris. Thought you might like to have a look at my site – might help out with figuring out what to cook while you’re here. Anyway, a very big bienvenue to you and your family!
    Kind Regards,

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