La Rentrée

The kids started school last week at a sweet Montessori school a few blocks from our apartment.  We had been interested in Montessori methods before, but could not have both French immersion and Montessori in Berkeley.  After seeing the careful way that the school integrated the kids and the responsiveness of the teachers so far, we’re feeling very lucky to have this school’s help in the “installation” of our family here in Paris.

Throughout Paris, the words “La Rentrée” appear as often as the phrase “Back to School” appears in the United States.   We went to a few places to retrieve all of the school supplies required–stylos, gommes, colles.  The “cahiers” had a different kind of line lay-out, but the more unusual needs included a fountain pen, packages of napkins, and Gisswein slippers that the children wear in class instead of shoes everyday.

One response to “La Rentrée

  1. Riley, Emily, Matthew and Benjamin

    Hi Jack and Daphne!

    We love your pictures at school. You have really cool backpacks, and shoes! We hope you are having a great time in Paris.

    We had a fun Halloween, Riley was a gang member (not his mom’s favorite costume)Emily was Nancy Drew, Ben was an astronaut, and Matthew was a pirate (again, 3rd year) When you come visit us again we will pull out all our costumes and we can have our own costume parade!

    Please write us when you have time, we would love to learn some French words.

    Riley, Emily, Matthew and Benjamin

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