A few days in Copenhagen



Well, we’re off. After an soul-satisfying cleaning and re-organizing of the house over the last several weeks and packing an airline-irritating number of bags (squeaking in just under the international baggage limits, with the help of Michael’s United status that lets him take 3 bags of 70lbs instead of the normal 2 of 50), we had a long but uneventful flight from SFO-Seattle-Copenhagen, arriving in the early afternoon on Tuesday.

The Hotel Fox is hip and affordable and really well located but we still can’t recommend it. The rooms are individually designed by artists (we stayed in rooms 114 and 116) but small, a bit worn and lacking in some basic things like closets. Room 114, for example, doesn’t have a proper light. Yes, you read that right. Except in the bathroom there’s no overhead light and there is a funky but impractical plastic floor light with a weak flourescent bulb. To get a reading light I had to dangle it from the branch that decorated the room. The shower fixtures are sub-Ikea quality and there is no soap dish on the sink and no hooks for towels and, well, you get the idea. On the positive side, the continental breakfast was great and our rooms had big windows you could open and climb out onto a 2nd floor roof deck. This was a big hit and made the rooms feel more spacious. So, Hotel Fox: Cool but impractical for a 5 night stay with kids.

A few highlights of our stay in Copenhagen:

  • After wandering around in a jet-lagged haze for a bit and a nice canal tour, we spent Wednesday afternoon and evening in Tivioli, the amusement park in the center of Copenhagen and a short walk from our hotel. The plane ride and roller coaster were a hit.
  • Thursday was a visit to Helsinore, about a 50 minute train ride north from Copenhagen. Helsinore is the home of Kronberg Slot, the castle known as Elsinor in Hamlet. It was a magnificent day and the castle was very cool, especially the huge ballroom and the dungeons. Helsinore is also home to a beautiful and peaceful monastary.
  • On the way back from Helsinore we stoped at the Louisana Museum for Modern Art. We were a bit pooped at that point but had fun looking at a small part of the excellent collection (if what we took in, that is, was any indication), building legos in the kids wing and playing outside on the very nice grounds overlooking the sea.
  • Friday was Shannon’s conference presentation, so Michael and the Kids took a long walk down Stroget to Amalienborg Palace and eventually to Kogens Have. Along the way we ate at the wonderful Ida Davidson restaurant where Jack had a revelation (“guess what Daddy, a gate has opened for me”) about fish and shrimp, requiring a second order! We met Shannon at a cafe in Christianshavn before it started raining and we gave up.

Today (Saturday) it is raining and tomorrow’s much-anticipated flight to Paris is on our minds (as are the much more stringent baggage limits we face tomorrow and the 14 boxes that should arrive Monday). Shannon will be back at the conference this afternoon. We’ll probably go to the Experimentarium and hope the weather breaks this afternoon so we can climb the Round Tower.

3 responses to “A few days in Copenhagen

  1. the photo of jack sleeping is priceless. From an artistic viewpoint, the castle peeping up behind the grassy knoll and the water (moat?) is great; also Daphne dwarfed by the giant lawn and sculpture (perhaps Tony Smith or Mark di Suvero?)

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